Building an Incubator, Part II

Building an Incubator, Part II. Wiring the fan, placement of items, building an egg turner, and crash course in incubation.

Building an Incubator, Part I

Part I of how to build your own homemade incubator – includes wiring the bulb and thermostat, as well as building a floor.

Partially Developed (Graphic Photos)

Today we cleaned out the incubator and opened the eggs that didn’t hatch.  They passed away for one reason or another, though I didn’t look close enough or open any up to look.  But I did think it was neat to see them in their different stages of development. The aftermath: WARNING: If you don’t…

An Introduction to Quails

When our friends acquired three chickens for their backyard, I was pretty jealous.  Fresh eggs every morning?  Heck yes!  I considered the possibility of getting my own, but their size and their obvious chicken-ness seemed prohibitive. Then, I read an article that talked about quails and how they produce more eggs and meat for the…