I took this picture from out second story window.  I wish I had an old picture, but when we moved in the entire garden area was a (useless) lawn.  In fact, we have plans to cut out even more lawn and install another set of beds.  The four beds we have is definitely enough to feed the two of us, but we want to diversify more, perhaps grow rabbit food, grow surplus for canning, or perhaps just grow flowers and other drought resistant plants. By the way, the lawn is yellow because we under water it.

taken from a second story window.

I can’t say our yard is the best looking yard in America (some people may even find it detestable), but it’s always a work in progress, and falls somewhere in that pivotal compromise of looks, functionality, and budget.

Garden at ground level

We’re growing trees in raised beds cut from ordinary wood.

Not sure how long they’ll last, but it was quick and dirty at the time, and…look, our sapling is already producing!

Apriums on year one!

I imagine when the woods finally rots (3-10 years?) we’ll refurbish it with decorative retaining wall bricks.

We installed the rocks a year ago.  It was a natural weed control initiative, and an attempt to beautify our unused land.  We like it.  But it was hard work, and I even went to the doctor about inflamed shoulders after I was done.  Anyway, install weed barrier cloth fabric first, then add the rocks.

Rocks. Natural weed control, though it does reduce your grow space. Plan accordingly.

I guess the purpose of this post was to demonstrate one way to integrate your garden and producing trees into an aesthetic landscape.  I know some people have done it better, and in fact we’re still working on ours.

And one more landscaping feat I’m particularly proud of.  A carrot tire.

Carrot Tire

Good hunting.



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