It’s done, and I have the 7 megapixel shot to prove it!

Finished Hutch

It really helps to have the right tools for this thing.  Let’s see, to get started:

An electric drill (AC!! We used a battery powered one last time and had to quit several evenings only because we ran out of charge)
rotary saw
measuring tape
a ton of screws of different sizes

Devin thinks building the rabbit hutch is boring

We got a new rabbit.  A Californian doe.  Our buck is a Californian too so we’ll have pure breeds in case someone wants to pick up a pet from us.

She loves it. So roomy in here!

Anyway, we resorted to making our own, not only because it’s cheaper, but because you can’t really find a good double-decker design on the market.  With limited square space, going vertical is a very good idea.

The upgrades from the last one:  the color.  Andrea pick the last one and it almost caused a divorce.  Terracotta my left hemisphere.  Also, bigger shelter, a 10 degree roof slope instead of 30 degrees, which is more than plenty in a climate that gets no snow.  And as you can see below, we’ve installed bins at the base that we intend to use for vermicomposting.

our last hutch of 2 years is holding up just fine

TIME INVESTMENT: Approximately 16 hours.  I wish I had tracked the number of hours spent building this for you, but I didn’t think that far ahead.  I would say a solid two days (8 hour shifts) sounds about right, counting extra trips back to the hardware store in case you also  just don’t know how to buy everything at once.

For detailed instruction on how to construct this hutch, click on the “quail hutch” tag to the left.

Next time I think I’ll post on fruit trees.  See you then!