New Poster Introduction

Hello readers,

In an effort to provide more frequent updates to you on sustainability activities, I’ll be adding myself as a poster to this blog.  For the past two years I’ve worked in the background of our backyard operation.  You might have seen pictures of me before – the guy with his hands and knees in the mud while his wife talks to the chickens and puts dresses on the dog.  But I’ve decided: No More.  I won’t play second fiddle to this orchestra anymore.

There are a lot of ideas I hope to experiment with, and a lot of things I could talk about on this introductory post, but the past few trials I’ve endured in the past few weeks brings one topic especially to mind: FAILURE.

For every success we share, I have to say there is a failure.  I’ve been pampering and coddling a selection of seedlings through the late winter, each struggling for survival in the extended cold spell we’ve had.  Finally the sun rises and I place them in the shelving cabinet outside.  What happens?  Overnight an army (ok, it was more like a gang) of slugs sacked the plants, cutting almost all of them off at the head, and left nothing but a trail of snot-which begged the question: is slug slime compostable?

Anyway, I had nothing to plant mid-April, and against my current for SELF-sufficiency, had to scoot over to Lowe’s and buy a grip of seedlings, so that we would at least have some roasted peppers this summer.  At least I had the option-some fanatics believe that the day will come when we only can rely on ourselves.  But don’t worry, I’m not one of them and I’m not one to preach.

It’s a way of life, whether it’s for your health or to save money or for the environment or simply to have better tasting food, the world would be a better place if everyone did at least one thing that was sustainable.  Even a single tomato plant would be an excellent start.

This weekend we started building a second rabbit hutch, which proves my point to you that some weeks are going to be harder than others.  But if you pride your home and your work, and you strive for a greener, cheaper lifestyle, I think you will find there is a lot of fun to be had.

Building another rabbit hutch

Look forward to talking to you soon

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