Trouble in Paradise Part III and First Egg!

I’m learning some more about the quails. We removed all of the males, and then we dumped the biggest male back out into the pen.  Quiet so far.  I think we have about 2 unusually loud quails.  Ideally, they’re only supposed to crow 2-3 times a day, and it shouldn’t be that loud.  From observation, the rest of the males don’t crow as loudly or as often.  So now we’re considering breeding for quietness as well as size.

In other news, I went out there this afternoon, peeked into the shelter, aaaaaand, WE GOT OUR FIRST EGG!  My fiance and I totally high-fived over it.  For those of you keeping track, that’s seven weeks to the day from hatch day (only one hatched a day before, so I count Thurs as hatch day).

It's so little, it barely fits in the quail egg carton!  Little baby egg!

It's so little, it barely fits in the quail egg carton! Little baby egg!


4 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise Part III and First Egg!

  1. Congrats! We have chickens and were super eggcited (get it?) when we got our first egg. Heck, we still get excited and it has been weeks now. The novelty has not worn off at all.

    BTW, I found you through Nina and I think I met you once before at a party in Davis years ago.

    • I don’t think the egg-getting will ever get old. Especially since we looove quail eggs. They make the cutest appetizers! I’ve been checking for eggs every day, and I was starting to get worried that in this economy, we might have to lay off some hens. 😉

  2. Hi there–quick question! Where did you get the pulp egg cartons for your quail eggs? I’m picking up my (adult) quail on Sunday, but haven’t found a U.S. source of egg cartons yet…I really prefer the cardboard ones.


    • Hi Kate, I actually bought the pulp egg cartons off of ebay from seller name sstangguy. Run a search for paper quail egg cartons and you’ll find it. Hope this helps! I prefer the cardboard ones too.

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