Trouble in Paradise – Part II

Removing some of the males has really helped.  We have two males and nine females outside right now.  I’d heard the male crowing described as the loudness of a cat’s meow, but I’d really put it at somewhere between meowing and the barking of a small dog.  They seem to get into fits of crowing 2-3 times, and then quieting for 20 minutes-an hour.

This would normally be ok, except for two things.  One, our neighborhood is very very quiet.  It’s one of the things I noticed when we were looking at houses.  Like a graveyard.  Two, I like to sleep with the window open and I am a light sleeper.  No one else has complained, but it bothers me.

We have a space between our cabinets in the garage.  I think it’d make a great area for a pen.  This will also allow me to do some selective breeding instead of relying on colony breeding. 

Right now I’m in the process of designing an easy-to-construct, attractive pen with a couple features that will reduce mess and clean-up time.  It will be divided into 2’x2′ sections (large enough for 4 quail each) where I can do some selective breeding.  My little hobby will be to breed as large a coturnix quail as possible.

Hopefully this will also provide a nice reference for those people who would like to keep their quail indoors!

Coming soon…more natural home cleaning solutions.  We are also working on a larger project – brewing our own sake!

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