Unclogging Drains

Unclogging your drain naturally.

Killing Slugs

Killing slugs – what works?

Moving Tomato Seedlings

My fiance and I transplanted our tomatoes a couple of days ago, or rather “moved” them.  They’re not going in the ground quite yet, but they’ve outgrown their seedling pots.  Tomatoes have rather deep roots. I bought some party cups because they’re cheap ($3.69 for 50), and about the same size as a small pot. …

Partially Developed (Graphic Photos)

Today we cleaned out the incubator and opened the eggs that didn’t hatch.  They passed away for one reason or another, though I didn’t look close enough or open any up to look.  But I did think it was neat to see them in their different stages of development. The aftermath: WARNING: If you don’t…