Killing Slugs

Ok, so going out and plucking slugs off the plants every night didn’t work.  Mainly because we didn’t go out there every night.  Who has the time?

Our poor, poor seedlings.

Our poor, poor seedlings.

So we tried a couple other methods.

Get a container.  A bottle works well, as does a pan or a cup.  In this case, we used a dog bowl.  Bury the container next to the affected plants, up to the rim.   Fill the container with stale beer.  If the beer isn’t stale, don’t worry, it soon will be if you leave it out.


Leave it out overnight.  Here’s what ours looked like the next morning:


YES!  Dead slugs!  The slugs are attracted to the smell of the beer, they go up close to it, fall in, and die.  Beer method works!

Just in case some of those slugs were wise to our plan, or some just weren’t into booze, we also tried out this method.

Take some eggshells, crush them up, and place them around the base of your seedlings.  The slugs can’t cross the jagged edges, so they can’t go climb your plants and have a meal.

Ah-like so!

Ah-like so!


DAILY TIME INVESTMENT: 2 minutes – refill that beer when it runs dry, until your plants are big enough!

In quick quail news, the quails are growing like weeds.  Every morning I wake up and look at them, they’re bigger!  There are 17 of them and they’re going through their scruffy adolescent phase.

I can sort of fly already too!

I can sort of fly already too!

I have 39 more eggs in the incubator – soonest expected hatch date of 4/24.

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