Partially Developed (Graphic Photos)

Today we cleaned out the incubator and opened the eggs that didn’t hatch.  They passed away for one reason or another, though I didn’t look close enough or open any up to look.  But I did think it was neat to see them in their different stages of development.

The aftermath:


WARNING: If you don’t want to see photos of partially developed quail embryos, don’t click to see the rest.

Here’s one that died early on.  All big black eye and not much else.


This one developed a little farther.  You can see black stripes where its feathers would have grown.  It looked a bit disproportionate, so its deformities probably led to its death.


Here’s one that almost made it.  You can see it has all the feathers and it hadn’t finished absorbing its yolk.


The kid found this all very fascinating, as did I.

But here’s a photo of a living chick, just to make it up to you 🙂

Itty bitty!  You can see some of my greens in the background.

Itty bitty! You can see some of my greens in the background.

I’m taking apart the incubator tomorrow and will show you how to put it together, along with a list of materials!

We also transplanted tomatoes this afternoon, so expect to see a post on that.

2 thoughts on “Partially Developed (Graphic Photos)

  1. That looks all too familiar. I had 2 hatch out of 92 or so that went in my homemade incubator the first round. The incubator got an overhaul and I’m hoping for a better hatch in two weeks.

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