Homemade Stick Deodorant

Making your own stick deodorant…sans aluminum zirconium tetrawhatever!

New Quail Hatchlings

New quail babies hatched, 3-week-olds moved outside to the quail hutch.

Building a Quail Hutch – Part II

Okay, so from last time – you now have your two sides put together. Using brackets, connect the two sides with 2x2s.  I made the hutch approximately 6′ long.  You’ll want to cut 9 2x2s of this length (5’8″)  Leave off the roof ones – we’ll get to those later. In this photo you can…

Building a Quail Hutch – Part I

I had a few requirements when building the quail hutch.  It had to look nice, so as not to garner complaints from the neighbors, it had to hold a decent amount of quail – enough to feed my family of 3, and it had to be efficient…just because. I’d seen a lot of people using…